The Internet is where the majority of the people live these days. Hence, it’s an effective means of ending the dangers of stereotypes, igniting societal justice, and calling attention to national matters with a sense of urgency.

Are you unsure of how to go about effecting the change you desire for the LGBTQ community? We have ten practical ways of using the internet to promote human rights campaigns. Here’s how:

1. Utilize Live Streams Software or Websites

Live streams software and website come in handy when you aim at eliminating public prejudice towards human rights issues especially if this bias comes from the mainstream media. By making live videos, you can effectively demonstrate the reality of your grievance.

Furthermore, when a larger audience gets to see such prejudice for what it is, it generates widespread concern as it was recorded in the past during the recent George Floyd racial attack.

2. Using Online Petition

An online petition is another way of garnering massive attention to a social cause such as the rights of the LGBTQ community. A situation where the right of an LGBTQ individual has been brutally abused, activists may design a petition urging everyone to stand in solidarity to demand justice for the victim. Moreover, having a petition in place can attract the attention of journalists and people with a wider audience to support the victim or cause, so that justice is served.

Today, there are lots of leading platforms where petitions can be signed to solicit votes or protests to create impact. As an activist, you can create an online petition for interested supporters to sign on designated websites. A petition usually carries the authentic names and email addresses of interested supporters. Upon garnering due signatories, you can close the petition and deliver to the concerned authority to take necessary action in light of justice.

3. Use Hashtags

A hashtag calls necessary attention when every other thing fails. It’s a word or phrase that helps to create a powerful discussion. It boosts engagement, attracts supporters, and help you gain the attention of your targeted audience.

Twitter is a powerful platform to achieve a more positive result using a hashtag. So you can begin a conversation on the platform using a hashtag while it dilutes to the other social networks. We advise that you follow iconic individuals whose voices matter to the discussion before the conversation even begins.

Also, it’s imperative that you lead awareness on remarkable days. This method can effectively generate dialogues on human rights campaigns. There are several days of the year that prioritizes issues concerning the LGBTQ community. For instance, you can employ the International Lesbian Day on the 8th of October to commemorate lesbian culture.

4. Form an Online Community

Thanks to Facebook, there are diverse groups online appealing to a variety of interests and concerns. As a matter of fact, there are Facebook communities with over a million members. These groups, or pages continue to change the narratives while making audible the shallow voices of victims.

With only a few steps, you can do the same. Creating a Facebook community where LGBTQ people can freely talk about their societal challenges can help strengthen the bond and even make measures such as the use of hashtags become more effective.

WhatsApp is also a great platform for group discussion. The “New group” feature can help you add interested participants and supporters of the LGBTQ community who are ready to raise the banner. Such groups are organized efforts, which helps to easily accomplish your goals.

5. Telling Real Life Stories

The authenticity of a story can make discussion travel far. The more relatable it is, the more attention it garners. An initiator of a human rights campaign may ask supporters to narrate their ordeal either anonymously or bare it all with their true identity.

A single-story may be all that you need to make a good cause reach the targeted authority.

Using the internet as a tool to promote human rights campaign would not only meet the collective objection of your initiation but also save time and money. Moreso, a wider audience can do a follow-up to ensure that such grave issues aren’t swept under the rug. However, it isn’t enough to get your campaign strategies right, also think about your health in the comfort of your room. A good humidifier can do so much for your health so that you are fit enough for internet activism.