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You can’t whatsoever underrate the power of human rights activists. The things you murmur in low tones for fear of victimization are the point of focus for these humanitarian advocates.

They are bold and courageous enough to go to high offices and even streets to ensure their voice is heard.

Despite the tough job, they are also human and need to practice healthy tips to become ill and not speak on your behalf.

Water is life. Imagine a few days without taking a sip of water. The level of dehydration may not allow you to get out of bed to handle issues for that day.

Therefore, they need not only to drink water to stay hydrated but to ensure the water is safe for human consumption.

What are the indicators of safe water?

Free from impurities
Sweet to taste
Mineral free
Contains a balanced PH
Why must human rights drink safe water?

Keeps water-related illnesses a bay
Keeps them hydrated to handle the long day’s work
To make their skin glow
To nourish the skin
Maintain good physical health
Promotes proper emotional health
Since we know what safe water is all about and the reason why you need to drink adequate water as a human right activist, then here are some suitable water safety tips you can practice

Install a reverse osmosis system for soft water
Soft water is sweet compared to hard water. Also, hard water also has many challenges, which include clogging of pipes.

Human rights advocates need peace to ensure they carry out their mandate with minimal disturbances.

The best alternative if you need a constant supply of hard water is to use water softeners.

The reverse osmosis system takes the lead among long-term options to access soft water for home office or domestic use.

If you have no idea of a water treatment plant, then visit

Carry water when you are not sure of the kind of water
The only water you can trust is the one you are sure of its source. When going to a place where you are in doubt, the water source is to carry your water.

The challenge is when you have to aren’t sure if you will stay for long. The other option is to carry a water treatment cubes which you dip in your water before consumption.

Close your mouth when taking a shower
Did you know you can be careful when it comes to drinking water only to find yourself with a water-related illness?

That is the time you notice that you aren’t careful enough. There are simple things like drinking water when taking a shower that creates an entry to microorganisms.

That is even worse because the water contains soap which contains germs. Always close your mouth anytime you shower to ensure you don’t consume contaminated water while taking your sweet shower.

Only use ice cubes from reliable water sources
After a long day in the streets, disseminating information on human rights awareness, you retire to your favorite joint with friends for a drink.

That is the time you order for ice cubes, which is frozen water. Wait a minute, do you know the source of that water, or you work on trust?

There is no trust when it comes to water. Be sure of the water source. If not, forget about the cold drink.

Be sure of the water when using it to wash fruits and vegetables
Nutritionists and health experts always preach that you need to wash your vegetables and fruits before consuming them.

Most times, you wash the vegetables and directly eat them. Now, what happens in case the kind of water you use is questionable?

It means you directly consume impurities out of ignorance. The way you take a keen interest in drinking water.

Similarly, you also need to ensure that the water you use for washing vegetables is also clean.

Use bottled water to brush your teeth
Did you ever think that you need to use bottled water when brushing your teeth?

The water for tooth cleaning should be as clean and safe as that of drinking water.

As simple as it sounds, never assume the water you use to brush your teeth unless you are sure of its source.

Confirm the bottled water seals
We have talked a lot about bottled water. Be on the lookout; there are people out there who are into business without minding the users’ safety.

Not all bottled water is safe. Therefore you need to get one from recognized companies. On top of that, you must ensure that the seals are intact.

If they are tampered with, then you are better not to use them. As you carry the voiceless burden, don’t underrate your health when it comes to water. As a human rights activist, you need to be healthy to run for the common course.


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