When it comes to treatment, it is a personal decision since you can never take chances with matters health. In developing countries, women are seen as lesser beings and in most cases not so sure if they can make independent decisions. Right to health is among the first fundamental rights in any constitution. For example, you do not need someone’s approval to purchase equipment for elderly care at home instead it is a choice for elder home safety.

A medical alert system is the latest technology when it comes to the health sector. An elderly woman despite the old age illnesses can still decide on what he needs in the form of service from a medical alert system. This depends on many factors which include.

  • The availability of the patient
  • The location
  • The available resources to purchase the desired package
  • The availability of service on the specific location

What determines the choice of an Alert system?

You need to know what you need and the service you require from this service. There are many options on the market and others have additional features. The catch on these vibrant services come at an extra monthly premium.

Monitored or non-monitored System

You may have people you trust to come to your aid in case of a medical emergency. This is a non-monitored system. It means the medical alert system is just used to dial a specific person to come to your aid at that time. The monitored system solely relies on the medical personnel contracted by the insurance. With this system, it means at any time you press the button, there is a connection to the medical team to get information and then dispatch them to your location.

Mobile-based or Home an Alert System

Depending on the severity of your health status and your daily hassles; you should discuss with your medical alert system personnel if you need a toolkit that will be with you all the time or just one that will only work when home. What is the difference? The home-based it in most cases uses a home phone meaning, when out of home there is no way it will be of assistance since it uses a wired system. The mobile device is installed in lovable gadgets like bracelets, watches, necklaces among other such that you have 24-hour surveillance to get medical assistance.

Additional features

Various plans accompany the alert system. A woman understands her condition very well. There are cases where someone is unconscious and cannot reason to get medical help. In this scenario, you need a mobile alert system that can even detect a fall. This is not a free service, it comes with an additional cost but gives value for the money.

A woman can make an independent decision despite the various tasks they have at their disposal. The only thing they need to understand is the fundamental rights that govern the health sector in line with the alert system to get maximum benefits from the insurance deal.