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We are coordinating efforts to advance human rights worldwide. We have launched several systems, campaigns, and legal challenges to stop human rights abuses to achieve this. Changing and improving laws is at the center of our philosophy.

We believe that it’s easier to combat human rights violations in a conducive legal environment. Besides, we even offer legal representation to people whose rights have been violated.

Our involvement in the human rights society began more than three decades ago. Since then, we have come up with a series of revolutionary tactics to fight against human rights abuses. Minorities, children, and immigrants are the biggest beneficiaries of our programs. For instance, we spare no effort when we are investigating asylum rejection.

Moreover, we train and deploy hundreds of volunteers to monitor policy-making processes in several legislatures. Their reports play a key role in our general response to law-making. We are also able to offer suggestions on how the law can be modified to protect human rights.

 We have acquired a wide range of friends throughout our long history. We are proud to count several lawmakers, activists, and climate experts among our many friends. We hope that you will become one of our allies soon.


Our volunteers are the building blocks of our missions and operations. Each of them has a specific task, and they significantly contribute towards discovering and advancing human rights. You can learn about their many exploits on our website.

We don’t discriminate against anybody. People of all religions, races, and political affiliations are welcome to become volunteers at our organization. If you want to join us, you can click on the link provided below to get started. The process of becoming a volunteer is faster for those who provide additional details. Either way, we believe that everybody has something to offer.

We admit that the covid-19 pandemic has frustrated our human rights campaigns worldwide. As law-abiding citizens, we don’t want to put our volunteers in a position where they have to violate social distancing measures. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to advance advocacy, especially through the internet.


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Man Proudly ” Carrying a Pistol”

Man Proudly ” Carrying a Pistol”

CBS affiliate KOIN 6 in Gresham Oregon is reporting that a man that was practicing “open carry” with a brand new handgun was robbed of it – at gunpoint. The station reports that on October 4th the victim, William Coleman III, was displaying his brand-new Walther...

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