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The Everlasting GOP Stoppers works to advance the rule of law and human rights. We also remind public officials of their obligation to implement international conventions. This is a broad subject, so we use advocates and volunteers to spread this message globally.

 Every person has the right to live in a peaceful, just, equal, free, and dignified environment. Human rights violators are always conspiring to curtail this universally-accepted freedom. Our work teaches people that they don’t need any qualification when they want to access any of these rights. Just being a human being is enough qualification to enjoy all human rights.

 We have noted that some people are denied human rights due to their political opinions, religion, language, sex, color, and race. Others are denied these opportunities because of their country of origin or even their social status.

 Thankfully, many international laws promoting human rights have been developed since the Second World War. These laws prohibit countries from enacting laws that limit the freedom of people. Many countries have introduced these laws into their local, state, and national laws. Our campaigns have fused with many campaigns over the years to make human rights part of the moral fabric.

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