CBS affiliate KOIN 6 in Gresham Oregon is reporting that a man that was practicing “open carry” with a brand new handgun was robbed of it – at gunpoint.

The station reports that on October 4th the victim, William Coleman III, was displaying his brand-new Walther P22handgun to his cousin at about 2 A.M. when he was approached by another man wearing flip-flops and sweat pants, who asked for a cigarette. After displaying his own weapon in his waistband, he told Coleman;

“I like your gun. Give it to me.”

Coleman relinquished the weapon and the assailant fled on foot. In, you know, those flip-flops.

We would provide you with a description, but honestly we’re not trying to solve a crime, here. We’re just mocking some “open-carry” douchebag that got robbed at gunpoint. 🙂

You’re welcome.